Summer Time - Week 6

Was anyone else having problems with Blogger this week? It was letting me sign into my dashboard, but I couldn't do any editing to anything. Now it lets me in, but I can't add picture links. Weird.

Anyway, everything in now caught up!! All the projects have been archived & all the tutorials are up (it doesn't look very nice without the picture links, but I'll change those as soon as blogger will let me)! THANK YOU all again for putting up with me while I've been moving. It turned into a way bigger deal than I had planned on.

Thank you especially to my crafters for dealing with the lack of email response. They're amazing! I wasn't able to get the interviews for Jessica or Ann up on time, so you'll get to learn a little bit more about them throughout the week.

Before we get to the results I have some good news. We have a giveaway!!! Shannon at Staker Sensations is giving away $50 to her shop. If I won I'd get this:

We've been having a pretty fun "finding herself" stage with Abbi lately and this would come in handy. Get more details in the "giveaway" tab, or just click here.

This weeks voting was intense! The top 2 and the bottom 2 were very close, but the final results are in.

It looks like Shilo is the winner with her great Finger Print Pendant! The tutorial will be up shortly for that.

But that means we have to let Lynette go. For a woman that never considered herself crafty she did an amazing job!! Continue to check out her crafting adventures at Get Your Craft On.

So that leaves just 5 ladies in the competition. Here they are with their crafts from last week.

Finger Print Pendant by Shilo@ "Toad"ly Crafts
Felt Learning Mat by Deidre @A Craft A Day
Fab Science Lap by Charlene @eWillow
Periodic Table of Crafty-ness byCheryl @ A Pretty Cool Life
Discovery Toys by Chris @Pickup Some Creativity

This week's theme is "Summer Time." I thought that for sure by now we'd have summer weather here in Northern Utah, but it just doesn't want to stop raining. Maybe this will help with it feel a little warmer. Voting ends on Friday at 9 pm MST, just like always.


Craft #1 - Outdoor Play-Mat

Every little baby needs a place to sit down outside without getting poked by the grass, wet from the dew, or dirty. Most of us moms use blankets that we end up having to wash all the time.

The outdoor play mat has a waterproof backing to prevent wetness and allowing for easy clean up. Just wipe it off!

Best of all, it's portable! It fits nicely in the diaper bag or easy and light enough for little hands to carry.

Craft #2 - Lemonade Stand

I remember summer time as a kid and selling kool aid and cookes out in the yard to friends, neighbors and passer buyers.

My kids are the same way. They love selling stuff, cookies, lemonade...even rocks!

But it seemed like the hardest part of selling their wares... was setting up...finding a table, making a banner, getting the price in and having a sturdy area to set out all their cups, napkins and other fun stuff.

But with this cute stand setting up for the big sale is a breeze! It has a banner were you can spell out that special offering. And theres a sleeve just right for adding a price.

And with the bright colors you'll attract the attention of all the customers.

When the kids are done, this cute stand comes a part for easy storage. The best part, it is all made with inexpensive materials from your local hardware store

Sun, shade & Lemonade...what a great way to spend summer.

Craft #3 - Seashell Wreath

Summer just wouldn't be summer without a trip to the beach. Bring a little bit of the ocean back home with a fun seashell wreath.

This is also lovely for the destination bride. Change the ribbon to the color of the wedding party and create a meaningful keepsake.

Craft #4 - Summer Campout Kit

Kids will love this fun box of camping gear. It makes a fun addition to a summertime backyard campout.

Just fill the box with fun camping goodies. Your kids can snuggle under the fuzzy blanket and enjoy delicious Smores.

The box lid doubles as a Tic-Tac-Toe board. Use plastic glow-in-the-dark bugs as the game pieces, and keep score in the little score book.

What kid wouldn't love making this and camping under the stars on a warm summer night?

Craft # 5 - Summer Romper

Oh what do you do in the summertime when baby needs something simple to wear?

I saw a sweet one piece romper in a store, and with that as inspiration, designed a new pattern for toddlers. Made with less than a yard of fabric, this little romper can be customized and accessorized in many ways. Here are just a few ideas:

With simple snap diaper access and buttons in back, this pattern can be for a girl or boy. The version for girls features elasticized arms, legs, and neckline. The boy version has a simple faced neckline, rolled hems for the sleeves, and tiny cuffs for the legs.

Made to be comfy and non-restrictive, the Summer Romper will help baby feel ready to play, despite the summer heat, all the way until nap time.

The PDF pattern will include two sizes, 18-24 months and 2T-3T. The tutorial will show you how to make a simple button placket and how to add easy facings. It can be put together in one afternoon. The design possibilities are almost endless. The pink example has a ruched panel. The boy version has a pocket and froggy applique. The third girly example has bias cut appliques. Recommended fabrics are woven shirting fabrics or soft thinner woven cotton fabrics.

The Summer Romper is a great way to keep your child comfy and stylishly cute during the hot summer months.


  1. the playmat the playmat!

  2. #2! The lemonaid stand! So cute! It looks fast & easy to put up for those little entrepreneurs to get started on their way!

  3. I used to have a lot of problems with blogger but then I switched browsers and now I don't have any problems. I think firefox or google chrome work best.

  4. Yes, I hated having to choose just one. I wanted to vote for three or four (or five!) of these! Sheesh! Good work, ladies.

  5. I need to know how to make the lemonade stand!!! We have a PTA Festival at our school and I would love to make those for each game booth!!! Everything is so cute it really was hard to choose!

  6. I love, love, love the Camp Out Kit. Super cute!